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How Does
Neurofeedback Work?


in Children -


Click on the image below to download a link to Mind Source Solutions.

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Site Help


If you are a certified Neurofeedback provider and would like to be listed as a provider on one or all of Mind Source Solutions educational sites, just sign up now. If you have any questions or need assistance in doing so, email us at

Subscriber Services

If you already have a listing on MSS and would like to modify your membership, change your payment plan, or report a problem with the service, contact us at .

Unsubscribe from Services / Delete Account

If you wish to discontinue your account, please click here and complete the Unsubcribe Form. Keep in mind that if you request a termination in your payment, your profile will also be deleted from the MSS site.

Making Profile Changes

To edit the information in your profile, simply login using the username (email) and password you used to register. Once logged in you will be able to update all of your information (photo, address, website etc...). If you cannot login or have lost your username or password, please contact us at for assistance.


We are always interested in hearing your feedback about our services. Please submit your comments along with your preferred contact information to

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Center for Personal Growth

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