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The Low Energy NFB System

In 1990 Len Ochs, Ph.D, an experienced neurofeedback practitioner and a pioneer in the field, discovered the elements of a very different neurofeedback system - the Low Energy Neurofeedback System or LENS for short.Refined over the decades, LENS has been used successfully to treat over 100,000 clients in six continents.

LENS produces the same qualitative effects as traditional neurofeedback,but improves functioning in:

  • Movement and sensory-motor integration
  • Cognitive skills: memory, attention, concentration, sequencing, prioritization
  • Mood: sadness, anger, depression
  • Motivation: initiating action, finishing projects and tasks, transitioning among tasks when appropriate
  • Clarity of perception and thought, linearity of thought
  • Sensitivity: to emotions of self and other; empathy
  • Reactivity: lowers hyper-reactivity

However, LENS works much more rapidly than the typical neurofeedback treatment. For example with LENS, attention problems may take only 20 sessions to treat compared to the 30, 40 or more traditional neurofeedback devices may take to achieve the same result.

Besides generally taking less treatment time, LENS offers another advantage over traditional neurofeedback therapy. It requires no homework, attention, or thinking on the part of the client because it works automatically. And since hook up time to the LENS device takes only minutes a session, the therapist can devote more time to dealing with the client's specific issues and answering any questions.

LENS is expected to be the subject of double-blind studies proving its effectiveness over the next five to ten years.

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