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Acceptance in the US

Neurofeedback has recently been gaining traction in U.S. as well due to an ever-growing grass roots movement toward non-medicated treatments. What's more, recent research studies in the U.S, like those in Europe, seem to support the contentions made by neurofeedback proponents.

For example, Dr. Alan Strophmayer, chief of Biofeedback Services at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, New York recently tested the effectiveness of the therapy himself by trying to replicate the work of Dr. Joel Lubar, a neurofeedback advocate and pioneer. Initially skeptical about using neurofeedback, Strophmayer found that he enjoyed a similar rate of success with his patients as Lubar did with his. He concluded that despite a lack of traditional, controlled clinical trials ' neurofeedback did indeed have a positive impact on patients.

More and more healthcare professionals and patients are coming to the same realization. They are electing to use neurofeedback not only to enhance more traditional therapies, but as an alternative to mood-altering pharmaceuticals.

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