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Training to use NFB

The Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (formerly, the known as the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America) (BCIA) offers several certification programs for both licensed health care professionals and technicians who report to them. According to the BCIA these practioners, 'require didactic education covering the blueprint of knowledge statements (the science, history, and theory of the modality), proof of human anatomy/physiology course work, mentoring to learn the hands-on application of skills, and the passing of a standardized written exam."

To receive a Clinical Certification, an applicant must have at least a BA/BS degree in psychology, therapy, counseling, nursing, or medicine from an accredited academic institution.

The following information is taken directly from the BCIA Web site - - describes what is required for a successful certification application:

  1. Certificated/ licensed in one or more of these fields: psychology, nursing (including two-year registered nurses with license, not LVNs or LPNs), physical therapy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, social work, counseling, rehabilitation, chiropractic, recreational therapy, dental hygiene, physician's assistant (with certification or license), exercise physiology, speech pathology, or sports medicine. The following fields require a Masters degree:music therapy and counseling education (M.Ed. in counseling). Appropriately credentialed doctors of medicine and dentistry are also accepted.
  2. 100 hours or more in post professional education. Courses must completely cover the 36 hours of BCIA Blueprint of Knowledge Statements. The remaining 64 hours may be completed by a BCIA-approved continuing education venue in any blueprint area(s) and should document your continued involvement in the field over the last ten years. It is required that the majority of these hours be within the past 10 years.
  3. 3,000 patient hours over at least five years. This requirement reflects relevant experience using neurofeedback and substantiated with your written statement of clinical practice and letters of recommendation that support your statement.
  4. Human anatomy/physiology. Course work or other submission that formally demonstrates understanding the relation and function of bodily systems used in your specific neurofeedback applications.
  5. Mentoring with another professional for at least 25 contact hours. To demonstrates a formal guidance in learning the application of clinical skills.

For more information about this therapy from a neurofeedback practitioner near you please consult the Providers tab on this site or click here.

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