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Expected Outcome for TBI

Most people who have a mild traumatic brain injury will suffer little if any loss of neurologic function. The prognosis for those with moderate or severe TBI is not as positive but still is much better than is generally believed. The survival rate for adults with a severe traumatic brain injury is 67 percent to 75 percent depending on the specific injury and how soon after their injury treatment was begun.According to the Glasgow Outcome Scale possible outcomes are:

Good recovery ' The person can carry on with his or her life as it was before.

Moderate disability ' The person is able to care for himself or herself although have some limits on functionality.

Severe disability ' The person can't live on their own.

Vegetative ' The person has no cognitive function at all.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, recent studies indicate that children are at greater risk of suffering permanent disability from TBI than are adults. In addition, their treatment options may be more limited because of their young age, so caregivers and parents might well consider alternative therapies such as neurofeedback if appropriate.

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