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Neurotherapy Used With Other Therapies

Neurofeedback is a non-evasive form of treatment with little or no harmful side effects. (A very small segment of users have sometimes complained of headaches after sessions). It is one of those rare instances where a treatment can help with almost no risk of doing harm. In addition, it can be used on patients while they are still on other therapies. Thus, neurofeedback is frequently part of a therapeutic program that includes psychotherapy and medication. Of course, as the patient begins showing improvement, less and less medication may be needed as the brain learns to regulate itself.

Currently, a select group of healthcare professionals including primary care physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and MSWs offer neurofeedback in their practices. But since biofeedback and neurofeedback are rarely taught in medical schools or psychology graduate programs, their use is limited. Traditionally-trained healthcare professionals have been slow in accepting its use for several reasons that have little to do with its actual effectiveness with patients.

The simple truth is neurofeedback doesn't lend itself to being a profit-generating treatment in the same way that pharmaceuticals and patented devices do. As a result, investors have little interest in funding the kind of research that would prove the claims made by its advocates. Since such research is the key to winning wider recognition and approval by the medical community, neurofeedback remains largely unknown despite considerable antidotal information on its success in treating traumatic brain injury. Yet use of neurofeedback has seen some growth recently due to an ever-growing grass root movement toward non-medicated treatments.

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