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Ryan Roessler is a marketing communications innovator and problem solver who created Mind Source Solutions based on his own life experience and observations as a neurofeedback provider.

Through the work of his wife, an educational therapist Ryan, realized the extraordinary potential offered by neurofeedback in the treatment of learning disabled children and adults. After earning his certification as a neurofeedback provider, he opened his own office in Highland Park, IL in 2005 only to discover the business challenges a provider can face in trying to establish a profitable practice.

Initially Ryan saw his Web site as his primary marketing tool. Yet how do you draw clients to your site if they don't already know your URL? He realized that more patients might find him if he invested in researching and buying key words to increase hits on his site. But such services are costly and an ongoing expense. Furthermore, if someone isn't looking for neurofeedback, perhaps has never even heard of it, they might never find his site - keywords or not. How could be reach them?

Approaching the problem from the client's perspective, Ryan realized that many people use the internet to research ADHD, traumatic brain injury, depression and other problems that respond well to neurofeedback. So he developed a series of public information sites about conditions that are successfully treated by neurofeedback. He called them Mind Source Solutions because they provide the answers that clients are looking for.

These sites not only offer information about the conditions being researched and how neurofeedback can treat them, they also offer a way for users to find neurofeedback providers closest to them. And, as members of Mind Source Solutions, these providers pay only $27 a month for marketing services that would normally cost them hundreds of dollars if they purchased them on their own. These include updated key words, attractive visuals, and well-researched, scientifically-oriented copy that makes well-reasoned arguments for using neurofeedback in place of, or as a supplement with other types of treatments.

Ryan hopes to expand the number of condition sites in the series shortly and, sometime in the future, to make this service available to providers around the world.

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