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Why List on MSS?

Mind Source Solutions Creates a Healthier Bottom Line for Your Practice.

As a healthcare provider you face many challenges in building your practice. First and foremost, of course, is assuring that you offer your clients the highest possible level of care. But you'll only be able to do that if your business remains strong and viable. Mind Source Solutions was created to help you in this endeavor by significantly enlarging the number of people exposed to your Web site URL and information about your practice. We also offer you these four advantages over similar listing sites:

Mind Source Solutions Creates a Healthier Bottom Line for Your Practice.

As a healthcare provider you face many challenges in building your practice. First and foremost, is assuring your clients the highest level of care. And in order to do that, you must maintain a strong, vibrant practice. Mind Source Solutions helps you do so by significantly increasing the hits to your Web site and patient calls to your practice. Here's how:

1. Our informational sites draw clients to you.

In 2006, research conducted by the Pew Internet Report found that 80 percent of Americans went online for information on specific medical conditions such as depression, ADHD and Traumatic Brains Industry. This percentage is even higher today.

Our informational sites are not only designed to attract these inquiries, Mind Source Solutions has invested thousands of dollars in special optimization tools to ensure the best ranking for these pages. When patients and their families use the Internet to learn more about these conditions, these sites (with links to your site) are the most likely to appear as a result of their search.

2. Our objective presentation adds to the credibility of alternative therapeutic options.

We feel strongly that neurofeedback should be considered as an alternative or additional treatment to pharmaceutical regimes for ADHD, Depression, and Traumatic Brain Injury. So we educate and enlighten patients about the pros and cons of all of the different treatments available to help them with original, easy to understand articles.

Based on information from respected medical sites and journals, these sites will undoubtedly be recommended by traditional medical providers when their patients are looking for information on complex conditions.

3. Listing on one or more different sites maximizes your exposure to potential patients.

Visitors to these sites who live in your community will be able to find and link to your URL instantly through MSS. As a result, you'll be sought after by the very patients who are most likely to benefit from your services. And since you'll be listed on up to four separate MSS sites, your market exposure can be up to four times greater with MSS than with other listing sites.

4. We also provide information on how to build your practice and your professional reputation.

MSS fully appreciates your desire for marketing communications that reflect the high professional standard of your practice. Yet a practice is still a business enterprise and we offer innovative suggestions on how to increase patient inquiries - online and off.

For all of these reasons you'll find that signing on with MSS will benefit your relationship with your patients and your colleagues as well as your business goals. For more details about our services, just click here to open Mind Source Solutions Services.

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